Alaska Syrups

Alaska Syrups


Birch syrup is made from harvesting and evaporating the sap of the birch tree to syrup in a three-week spring harvest. It is a similar process to maple but requires over 100 gallons of sap to make a gallon of syrup, whereas maple averages 40:1. Production is very limited–less than 4,000 gallons are produced worldwide, most of them right here in Alaska. We produce about 1300 gallons of our Kahiltna Gold each spring. Birch syrup has a unique, spicy-sweet flavor that is delicious alone and complements many foods.

As of the 2008 harvest, Kahiltna Gold pure birch syrup and birch breakfast syrup are certified organic. The Easts follow the birch syrup best practices and production standards developed by the Alaska Birch Syrupmakers’ Association, founded in 1993.


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